Introducing Threesixty

Threesixty creates places where people want to live, work or shop. We’ve already raised the bar in the student accommodation sector. Now we intend to do the same in residential and commercial development.

Over the next few years, we’ll be growing our business in hand-picked cities across the UK and Europe. And we’ll be doing what we’ve always been excellent at – taking a patch of land, a building, or a property… and transforming it into something brilliant with a lasting, positive impact.

Because that’s what we do at Threesixty. We bring places to life.

Where we come from

We launched in 2010 (formerly known as Knightsbridge Student Housing), determined to set new starters and our own agenda. The business is run jointly by Oaktree Capital Management and Bob Crompton, along with a focused, highly proactive management team.

We were the people behind the highly successful 'The Student Housing Company'. But that was just the start. Its story shows we’ve got what it takes to flourish in residential and commercial development.

Our HQ is in London, the epicentre of the UK and European property market. We’re here, we’re ambitious and we’re ready for the next step.

Our Locations

Our range of developments are far and wide, both in the UK and into mainland Europe. They exist in a whole variety of locations from Dublin to Madrid. A short haul flight will bring you to further properties and we’re growing.